Psychology, disruptive innovation and climate

A blog on the psychology of communication in relation to climate change, including some thoughts on disruptive innovation, now available from my LinkedIn posts page below:


How ‘innovation’ is getting tired

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The Wall Street Journal argues that the word is being stretched well beyond its intended use when it comes to products, including a new variety of Pop-Tarts.

Maurizio Fantato‘s insight:

Do you share these views?  Have you ever been asked to report or publicise  and "amazing innovation", when it was merely an upgrade instead?  Were you honest, or did you just go with the flow? Is real innovation becoming less common these days? 

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Economic betrayal?

Lady Jayne: Killer

A couple of weeks ago I co-authored an article on the economy, based on a recent interview given by a well-known international economist on fallacies such as the possibility of paying our way out of the global debts through normal means, the spurious correlation between amount of cash in circulation and inflation, the perpetuation of banking errors and why we shouldn’t sell our family silver, among others.

I don’t normally publish economic articles in this blog, but in case you are interested you can access the article here – you may want to make yourself a coffee first though, it’s quite long!