Welcome to the blog of Maurice Fantato.  I am a blogger, technology writer and PR and Marketing Communications professional with a variety of interests and a penchant for International and digital communications.  You can access my LinkedIn profile here for more information about my professional life.

I decided to create this blog as a library of a selection of articles I have been writing over the last two years or so, especially those that were published in the old CIPR Conversation site (sadly now defunct) and those that I authored in other capacities for several other networks.  New articles will be added gradually once these have been published across other media,  as I have now decided to make this blog the principal repository of my cogitations.

Aside from my professional career I am a keen community activist.  A few years ago I co-founded a unique educational trust on European Education,  have been a local District and County Council candidate and am now about to set up a local association for the development of better transport links between Witney and Oxford (more on this topic anon).  My main interests in the public service arena are on transport, environment and naturally education, but also general enlightenment serving in my capacity of regional councillor for the South Central RSA region too – you’ll find all this and more in my LinkedIn profile, or you can always drop me a line.



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