On cat videos and more

According to Reelseo back in 2014 two million cat videos had been posted on YouTube, generating an impressive 24.5bn views. But that was two years ago.  Just try checking your YouTube channel for ‘funny cats’ and you will see that it returns a staggering 5.3 million results, with the top compilations averaging around 100 million views each. Apparently every second we upload one hour of videos on YouTube, of which obviously a large proportion must be about cats.youtubesec

I don’t know what it is about cat videos, but they are vastly popular.  Having had both dogs and cats I can only say that cats on the whole display a more outlandish behaviour than dogs.   With dogs we are the masters and their principal aim is to please us.  That’s exactly the opposite with cats, so you can see how their almost unique reactions can make for some harmless light entertainment.

Clearly cats aren’t yet as popular on the web as ‘sex’, which continues to display a very high trend, up to 90% of all worldwide searches at any one time according to Google. Bizarrely, and purely out of scientific research, it appears that Ethiopia and India are the countries displaying the highest volume of searches for ‘sex’ on the web.   The social scientists among you may want to jump on an opportunity to study this phenomenon, I am certainly quite intrigued by the Ethiopian result, but I may leave this topic for another blog.

Now just imagine you were a scientist in alien and more advanced civilization. You’d almost certainly tap into the web as a research source and there you’d inevitably spot our obsession for cats and sex.  In addition you’d also see all those troubled areas of the globe affected by war and the other ills of our times.  One can only hope the scientists of those alien worlds would not create a spurious correlations between the two topics just named.  And even if the didn’t they will probably come to the conclusion that we were completely bonkers and might decide to leave this lunatic’s asylum well alone.


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