Journalist Secrets for PR

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We have a hard time keeping up with e-mail. This isn’t an earth-shattering secret. I’m sure PR pros have a hard time keeping up with e-mail, too.

Maurizio Fantato‘s insight:

I don’t know about you, but these days I feel the number of articles on how to deal with journalists is on the increase.  This is one of several, though this time written by an insider.

In my many years in marketing, communications and PR I have come across countless journalists. For my sins I have even raised one up.  So I am somewhat closer to the profession, if anyone can ever be because one of the key things I have learnt about this body of people is that it’s made up of fiercely independent individuals.  You can approach them in any way you like, provided it’s their favourite one (email, phone, fax, postcard…  it doesn’t matter, they each like something different).   Their individuality may also explain their innate dislike of press releases.  They may publicly, gritting their teeth, admit to their usefulness (seldom that they like them), while always nitpicking about ideal formats.   In reality they loathe them, as they prefer scouting for news themselves and like all boyscouts they’d rather eat their own burnt sausages, than buy ready made ones.

Finally, I think many communication experts live in awe of journalists.  This may be because some of them may have always longed to be a journo themselves, but I may be wrong of course.  In any event this tumultuous love/hate relationship is a complex one and for these reasons this topic will continue to generate many more articles.

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