The future of MarCom is mobile

The Future is Mobile

First published in May 2012

According to stats gathered from the excellent Our Mobile Planet web site, 50% of all UK mobile users possess a smartphone.  Apple and Android are virtually neck and neck, with a mere one point difference between them, while poor old Windows languishes at the bottom with 4%.  However, if you really wanted to know who was top, be ready to be surprised as it is in fact Blackberry, even if by a mere whisker.

Usage is revealing as it shows that by far the highest percentage comes from home use, at 97%.  Poor old PC… its days are obviously counted, but don’t despair as it seems that a lot of us start browsing for information on the mobile, following it up by using the PC, almost half in fact.  There are high expectations for web sites to be mobile friendly (65%) but as we all know many are going to be disappointed as most sites have still to be optimised for mobile, which explains the high numbers of people following up information on the PC.

Surprisingly, 28% of us use smartphones while at the doctor, presumably to alleviate the boredom of waiting rather than to check symptoms, while a staggering 16% admit to use smartphones in school.  You can guess whether these are pupils, or teachers…

Apparently most people said that the reason for going mobile on a smartphone was either a need (away from computer) or to alleviate boredom.  This would explain the high percentage of social media usage too.

Why don’t you have a go at finding out about mobile marketing in the UK and around the world?  You can easily customise data and provide impressive metrics to put in front of your customers…


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