Strategy first, content later.


Content marketing is rapidly becoming all the rage. With the explosion in social media, and a huge range of tools and techniques available to business, everybody is suddenly becoming a content marketer.  This is true in B2C and is fast becoming the norm in the traditionally slower to react B2B sector.

The result? Noise – a lot of it.

The current situation is almost anarchic. People and companies are hurling a mass of information into the public arena in the hope that something will resonate with their audiences.

The reality is that although there is a wealth of good information being created a lot of useful content is being drowned out.  Of perhaps greater risk is that the rush to communicate creates the potential for serious media crises.

The problem is that many businesses have reacted to the social media phenomenon without taking the time to develop a carefully thought out strategy.  Consequently, there’s no clear intent or consistent delivery of brand values, while messaging in terms of content, style, frequency and impact is at best indifferent.

Let’s be clear: content marketing has the potential to be a powerful and extremely valuable business process.

But like any business process it requires planning, management, review and revision.

So before throwing yourself, and probably many of your colleagues, into the swirling waters of content marketing, ensure you have a clearly defined strategy with solid management techniques.

Here are just a few of the questions you need to consider:

  • What do you want to achieve – what will a successful outcome look like?
  • What are the key messages or brand positions that you want to communicate?
  • Who are you targeting and what makes these people or groups tick?
  • How will you gain their attention and then consistently engage with them?
  • Who in your organisation will manage the process?
  • How will content be created and quality controlled?
  • Will a third party organisation need to be used to help you create content, manage the communication tools and analyse results?
  • How will you measure the effectiveness of the process?

So many questions and probably too few answers.  So if you’d like help in developing, managing and implementing a robust content marketing strategy then get in touch with an experts.



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