How to set up a B2B Twitter account

Blog Post - HOW TO - Set Up A Twitter Account For Business

What?  You still don’t have a business Twitter account?

Never mind, these useful tips will see you tweeting in minutes.

Tip 1 – Business or person?

First of all, determine whether you wish to use Twitter as a person who is part of a company or as a business.  For the former you will need an address like “Tomat4CM”, while for the latter you will need to see if your brand name is still available.  Given that by the time you’ll read this blog there will probably be close to half a billion Twitter accounts in the world, chances that you will still be able to find your company’s correct match are slim, so you may have to compromise and think laterally (for example, by adding a country, or business status, or even a sub-brand).  Once you have found it though, get it and hang on to it.

Tip 2 – Customise

Spend a little time customising it by adding a picture (your logo obviously if it’s a pure business, or a mugshot if you’re using your Twitter account as hybrid) and of course some pertinent description.  Don’t be boring, it’s social media and you want people to discover you, so be bold and imaginative, but without making false claims.  You are now ready to take off.

Tip 3 – Be a leader, not a sheep

The  biggest mistake newbies make is that they start following everyone, thinking that they have to be seen to be active.  This is the wrong approach.  If you want people to follow you make sure you push content that is relevant and useful.  Are you addressing your customers?  Then start sending brief announcements or even links to blogs (don’t forget to shorten those long URLs!).  Twitter is ideal for sending special offers and promotions, as well as tips.  If you make these tips unique to this media you will soon find that many of your customers will follow you.  Don’t get too hung up about the number of followers and, above all, do not, under any circumstances, behave like a bot, sending out dozens of tweets a day of little or no relevance.

Tip 4 – Re-Tweet, but in moderation

Re-tweet (that is, broadcast tweets that have been issued elsewhere) if content is relevant and make sure that you publicise your Twitter account in the same way as you would your phone or web site.

Tip 5 – Know more…

If you really get into it and want to know more, check out Mashable where you’ll find an entire chapter devoted to best practices for businesses.  Socialmedia Examiner is another good site. You can even ‘like’ them and, of course, follow them on your own newly created Twitter page!

Tweet Inspiration

It can be hard coming up with great tweet ideas for your business. That’s why we created @updateideas Simply follow for daily inspiration that’ll help you update your business or brand’s social media accounts.


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